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WinterTrees Publishing is the new kid on the publishing block. We offer resource materials to clergy, parents, Sunday school teachers and church schools to help them connect young children to the scriptures.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Methodist, Luthern or Episcopal to use Feed My Lambs?

NO! Feed My Lambs can be used by ALL churches who use the Bible. It is simply organized around the three year lectionary cycle. Anyone who uses Feed My Lambs will have three years of Children's Sermons or lessons at their fingertips! Feed My Lambs also has a handy scriptural cross reference for non-liturgically based faiths as well as a three year supply list. Our motto: Be prepared so you can teach prepared!

Is quantity pricing available?

Yes. If you would like to order more than twenty-five books, please let us know.

What is a Lectionary?

A lectionary is simply a collection of readings or selections from the Scriptures for use during worship.

What does RSV mean?

RSV stands for Revised Standard Version of the Lectionary.

Then what is the RCL?

RCL stands for Revised Common Lectionary.

I'm confused. Which does Feed My Lambs use, the RSV or the RCL?


Can Feed My Lambs increase the size of my congregation?

Absolutely! When you offer great materials for kids, concerned adults bring them to church.

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